I cannot start TASKs. What do I have to do?
As soon as you have completed the TASK "Welcome to Scoutsss", further TASKs will be activated for you.

Welches sind typische Aufgaben in einem TASK?
Aufgaben können sein: ein Foto machen, Fragen beantworten, eine Situation beurteilen, ein Video ansehen und vieles mehr. Standortbezogene TASKs können nur am vorgegebenen Ort erledigt werden.

How much time does a TASK take?
Normally a TASK lasts between 5 - 10 minutes. The TASK detailed description indicates the duration individually. 

How long do I have to wait before my reward for the TASK is paid out?
Once you have completed your TASK, it usually takes 1-2 days to validate it. If the validation is successful, your bonus will be credited immediately.

What happens when I did upload a TASK?
The data is uploaded to the web and then checked for completeness. 

How is it checked whether I have completed the TASK at the specified location?
This is done on the basis of the location coordinates transmitted by the smartphone. 


Join a group - Enter group code
To join a group, you need an invitation. 

A) With group link by e-mail

Open the email on your smartphone and click on the link.

B) With group code 

Enter this code in the menu under "Code". 

In the Scoutsss app you only have to confirm that you want to join.

Start with Scoutsss

Your first steps as Scoutsss
To start with TASKs, you must first complete the TASK "Welcome to Scousss". Your entries will be saved as profile data, which you can view at any time.

We wish you a lot of fun with Scoutsss :)

Your Scoutsss Team

General information about TASKs
For the sake of simplicity, Scoutsss AG communicates in "du-form". In the interest of legibility, the female form is not used for personal names.

What information is contained in the TASK tender?

At the very top, you will be shown what compensation you will receive with the completion of the TASK. These can be, for example, points, financial compensation, competition or property compensation.

Right next to it is whether the TASK can only be completed at a specific location or anywhere.

Above the "Instructions" you see the TASK type as well as the task types within the TASK.

The "Time limit" tells you how long you have after "Start TASK" to complete the TASK. This information does not tell you how long it will take you to effectively complete the TASK. If the time limit is exceeded, you will be notified and depending on this you can extend the TASK or it will be closed.  

The time at "Expires" tells you the maximum time the TASK will be available. It is possible that the TASK will be closed earlier if it has already been closed by other scouts. It is also possible that TASKs are extended. 

The instructions describe the TASK that has been advertised.  

Some tasks are mandatory, others not. You will recognize a non-compulsory task if you see the following text line at the bottom: "Skip this task". Select this text line if you don't want to answer a question and don't find a corresponding answer alternative such as "I don't want to answer". The answer alternative "don't know", if available, should not be selected as "don't want to answer".